More information on Sept 16 mini-tournament


  • Eagles (Charlie Hernandez & Susy Weekly co-captains)
  • Avengers (Fevin Reyes & Ann Price co-captains)
  • Masters (Joanie Huck & Myles Huck co-captains)
  • Topspinners (Lisa Shirley & Anthony Shirley co-captains)
  • Islanders (Chris Lindsey, Bob Penn & Christopher Penn co-captains)


Players for each team of the (WTT) World Team Tennis format, which is Men’s Mixed and Womens, will be selected based on who shows up. As much as possible, we will keep players from the regular season teams together to face off in the mini-tournament. Depending on the numbers of players who show up will determine who plays against whom.

Players from the sub list are invited as well. Anyone who played a MTTL match this season or was on team can play.

This event is separate from our normal season and playoff agenda. Instead of just having a BBQ at the end of the season we decided to put together this little awards, racquet demo, mini-tournament for a nice change of pace and to give more participants greater opportunities to

For more information, contact Duane Weekly at