Men’s Ladder

The Men’s Ladder in Coronado is one of the Coronado Tennis Association’s longest running traditions. Taking place at the idyllic tennis courts located on Glorietta Blvd, the Men’s Ladder is hosted on most Saturday’s throughout the year. The “Ladder” is a collection of local and off island players that share a mutual admiration for competition and comradery. With a simple format that continually ranks players based on their skill against the other players on the court; the Men’s Ladder self regulates its player base to keep the competition levels fair across the board.

After play, guys enjoy gathering around over a cold beer or soda and snacks which are provided as part of their annual CTA dues. Its a perfect way to spend an afternoon for tennis enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Men’s Ladder is continually recruiting new members. If you have an interest in joining this fun and exciting group, please contact Jim Nelson for more information. Jim can be reached by cell at 619.415.5574 or by email at