Team Tennis

Team Tennis

Team tennis has been among the Coronado Tennis Association’s most valued traditions on the court. The Mixed Team Tennis League is a newer take on the timeless format, providing an exciting, dynamic brand of high energy match play, strong team camaraderie, and competitive spirit. The MTTL prides itself on its ever growing player base, hard-working captains, and down to the wire finishes week in and week out bringing out what we love best about the sport of tennis and being fans of sport as a whole.


The MTTL is an organized league among four teams of roughly 12-15 men and women playing multiple seasons over the course of the calendar year. Each season typically makes up around three months of regular season play followed by two weeks of championship playoffs. The league is targeted for the more intermediate and above club-level players, generally in the NTRP 3.0/3.5/4.0 range. Match play is always centered upon balanced, competitive matchups so the opportunity to “play up” is available but players will never be thrust beyond their comfort zones until ready.

In addition to our diverse roster of players making up team, the MTTL is supported by a large pool of substitute players – those perhaps not able to commit to playing as a regular on a team but eager to play when needed to support whichever team may need their help over the long seasons during roster player absences.

Lastly, the MTTL prides itself on the dedication, hard work, and meticulous planning of it’s volunteer captains. Each of the four teams is led by a captain responsible for weekly lineups, sub and roster player communications, and just about everything in between. Those players also interested in this position of leadership are encouraged to participate as new captains are always welcomed.


Duane Weekly for additional information. We look forward to your participation in the Mixed Team Tennis League.